Demand wilder national parks

None of our national parks are wild enough to withstand the shocks of the extinction crisis and climate emergency. 

Despite some superb conservation initiatives, our national parks are nature-depleted and ecological shadows of what they could be. We want to see them teeming with wildlife, where healthy ecosystems help absorb carbon and control flooding, and local people thrive.

Help nature recover nationwide

Join us in calling on the UK Government and devolved administrations to make Britain’s national parks wilder — including 10% core rewilding areas – so that these precious places can play a vital role in tackling the extinction crisis and climate emergency.

Your voice counts. Add your name to our petition. Tell the UK Government and devolved administrations to mandate wilder national parks. 

The Prime Minister’s pledge to protect 30% of Britain’s land and sea for nature by 2030 isn’t credible without making our national parks wilder.

We’re calling on Ministers to:

  • Create core rewilding areas on public land across 10% of the national parks. 
  • Ensure another 50% of the parks become nature recovery areas – with a mix of habitats, wildlife corridors and land uses, and government financial support for nature-friendly agriculture.
  • Modernise legislation to empower national parks to upscale their efforts for nature’s recovery.

Let’s call for #WilderNationalParks


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